Women Leaders

Nafiseh Jalali

B.A in English Literature

M.A in Business Administration


These days we require leaders who are comfortable being at the center rather than being at the top, exercising collaborative skills and making their words consistent with their actions. Women have an advantage in a world that values authenticity over positional power.

Women are comfortable with direct communication, relationship-building, diversity, and emotional intelligence; skills best suited for leaders today.

Having studied female leadership show that while the progress women have made as leaders has not been rapid or smooth, the impact women are having on what we perceive to be desirable in our leaders continues to grow. The real story is about influence.

In conclusion, as organizations undergo rapid changes as technology, demographics, and economics of work shift, women face a historic opportunity to influence if they will honor and develop their distinctive strengths.

Characteristics of Women Leaders

  1. They place a high value on relationships and judge the success of their organizations based on the quality of relationships within them.
  2. They prefer direct communication.
  3. They are comfortable with diversity, having been outsiders themselves and knowing what kind of value fresh eyes could bring.
  4. They are unwilling and unable to compartmentalize their lives and so draw upon personal experience to bring private sphere information and insights to their jobs.
  5. They are skeptical of hierarchies and surprisingly disdainful of the perks and privileges that distinguish hierarchical leaders and establish their place in the pecking order.
  6. They preferred leading from the center rather than the top and structure their organizations to reflect this.
  7. They ask big-picture questions about the work they do and its value


یک پیشنهاد دوستانه:  اگر هنوز در دوره رایگان 7 اصل مهم در مدیریت مطلوب کسب و کار شرکت نکرده اید اینجـــــــــــــــــــا کلیک نمایید.

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